"Creating Chances, Changing Perceptions"

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(Taken from Indonesia Bureau of Statistic and Ministry of Social Affairs)

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"Fingertalk is a social enterprise with a mission to create an inclusive Indonesia"

Fingertalk Cafe

Fingertalk aims to provide equal employment opportunities for people with disability, especially the Deaf individuals, because as many as 74% of Deaf people in Indonesia are unemployed due to social stigma and communication barrier.

Determined to eliminate those barriers, Fingertalk was started from a small café in 2015, where people can learn to order using sign language, and connect them with the Deaf community.

Fingertalk Cafe
Fingertalk Car Wash

Currently, Fingertalk has expanded to also include a car wash, handicraft workshop and bakery, employing more than 30 Deaf and other people with disability in Java and Sulawesi island of Indonesia.

Our big goals are..

To have a more socially inclusive Indonesia
and to establish more professionals with disability

"Where people with disability are no longer objects of discrimination, rather being the subjects of our narratives"

To achieve them, here are things we do..

Fingertalk Deaf Cafe, Car Wash, Workshop and Bakery

Fingertalk strives to be a platform where everyone, Deaf or hearing, can share ideas and learn from each other. Started from a small cafe and workshop in Pamulang, Banten, now Fingertalk has another cafe, a car wash, bakery and a workshop in Cinere, West Java. With the support of various stakeholders, it has become an enterprise that gives way for local youths and community to have their own platform, empower local businesses run by people with disability in rural areas of Indonesia such as Poso, Kebumen and many more.

Deaf Cafe and Car Wash Fingertalk in Cinere opens from Monday to Sunday. Our bakery, located in the same compound bakes every Wednesday and Saturday. Come visit us and learn to sign with our crew!

Fingertalk Workshop and Event Space in Pamulang opens exclusively for events and workshop. Contact us if you’d like to organize a company retreat, workshop or family gathering while also learning more about Deaf culture with our team! Check out our latest updates on Instagram here.

Banua Momberata: House of Encounters

Banua Momberata is an inclusive community hub, cafe and training center in post-conflict area of Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. As a part of Fingertalk family, the hub is run by Hearing youths, Deaf youths and youths with other disability. The name “house of encounters” in local Posonese language symbolizes the hope for Banua Momberata to be a melting pot of different communities in Poso.

Located only a drive away from the second largest lake in Indonesia, Lake Poso, Banua Momberata aims to provide opportunities for youths to learn and work together. During the first year of its establishment, Banua Momberata, supported by The Embassy of the United States of America, was able to conduct monthly training and workshop impacting more than 500 local youths, women and children. Currently, Banua Momberata is the place to go for events, gathering and inclusive experience with people across abilities in Poso and greater Central Sulawesi. Learn more about Poso and their activities here!

Plushindo: Play & Learn!

Plushindo is a creative training program targeting underprivileged Deaf youths to create plush toys in order to spread awareness about animal conservation and inclusion to the schoolchildren of Indonesia.

Collaborated with Piyoh Design, a social enterprise from Aceh, plush toys made by the Deaf crew are modeled after six Indonesian endangered animals, such as orangutan, komodo dragon and Javan rhino. The plush toys were then delivered to school children living in area nearby the habitat of those animals through an educational workshop. Plushindo was supported by New Zealand Embassy in Indonesia, and was able to produce 600 plush toys for 600 children in six different provinces of Indonesia. Check out Plushindo’s instagram here!

Inspired by the success of Plushindo, Fingertalk refined the concept of its design, products and marketing idea to create employment opportunity from the production of plush toys. The concept won the Grand Prix of Daigaku SDGs Action! Awards 2019 by Asahi Shimbun in Tokyo and then was implemented in Kebumen to reach more Deaf people in rural areas. 

Roufa: A Community Hub



Roufa is an inclusive business and training center for youths with disability in rural area of Kebumen, Central Java. Being the second poorest city in the province, Kebumen actually holds an untapped labor potential, with more than 15,000 people with disability residing as its citizens. 

Roufa, powered by Fingertalk, partnering with local government of Kebumen, wants to enhance the capacity of each individual with disability by offering workshop and training program. Roufa also opens cafe with Deaf crew to spread awareness about sign language in the region.

Coming Soon: Fingertalk Botswana

Here are our impacts in numbers..


Socially driven business units

Two cafes, two workshop, a bakery and a car wash


Full time Deaf & other PWD crew

Receiving full training and benefit to support their welfare


Local women supported

through workshop and vocational training, many of whom are the breadwinner of their family


Underprivileged youths reached

Upgrading their skills through vocational training - many of whom were originally unemployed

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